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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Hair Loss

Aging Scalp Can Cause Hair Loss

Unusual amount of hair fall is one common sign of aging scalp.

The aging process prompts the hair follicles to shrink and Anagen (growth) stage to shorten whilst the Telogen (resting) stage to prolong.

You can help your scalp to defy time.

Just like the face, your scalp needs to be pampered. You have to treat your scalp to regular anti-aging therapies so that your scalp can defy the aging process and nurture your crowning glory into a very healthy condition.

How does your scalp age? The Anagen stage becomes shortened as age progresses whilst the Telogen stage is prolonged.

There are 3 steps of the hair growth cycle.

1. Anagen Stage - The growth stage of the hair follicles

2. Catagen Stage - This is the transitional stage. Hair stops growing, detaches itself from the blood vessels that supplies it with nutrients.

3. Telogen Stage - The matured hair is now loosely anchored to the hair root. At the end of the resting period, the new hair may push the old hair out. The growth cycle begins again.

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