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Monday, April 9, 2007


"Communication is the response one gets." - An NLP Presupposition.

Communication is a constant flow of information between two people.
One is constantly sending the other messages about who one is and what kind of relationship one want with the other.

NLP Model of Communication

In NLP the description of what goes on in one's internal world when one interact with the external world is known as the communication model. One is a unique individual. One experience the world in a different way from everyone else. This is because one have one's own set of rules that govern how one interact with people, how one talk to oneself and the choices one make for oneself about what to focus on. These rules are essentially about communication.

Very often, when we spoke to someone and that somebody reacted in a certain way that was offensive to us, we have forgotten that it was us in the very first place whose communication is in a tonality and way that might be abusive for the person to react to us in that manner. If we sat down and think about it, we could have done that many many time over simply without realizing our manners.

It is therefore so important that we are conscious of our ways we speak to anyone at all times. When we do so, we would not only gain respect in the many ways through our appropriate way we communicate and also we would have established marvellous rapport with the person(s) we communicate with.

The next time when you speak to anyone, take notice how that person will respond to you in a certain way you communicate to him or her. In establishing relationships, rapport, making a difference in a negotiation, closing a sale, answering a telephone call and speaking to a child, the desired outcome is certainly determined by the way we manage our communication.

Spoken communication comes in several form including use of language, physiology, manner, tonality, pitch, timbre and quality. Depending on the message we wish to convey, we blend these characteristics in a way we desire an outcome. However, many of us unconsciously blended them in wrongly and the outcome can be devastating. Communication is by no means aasy if we wish to achieve the desired outcome. The more reason why we have to constanlty be aware of the way we do it, and be sensitive to the other party whom we are delivering our communication to.

Speaking well and communicating well are both different things. One can speak well but might not communicate well. Speak well can be eloquence and might not obtain the desired outcome. Communication well can create the desired result.

Expressing well is only possible when the person receiving the message understands it and the speaker obtains the desired action from the listener. Communication is emotional, can influence and can be therapeutic.

Video - Therapeutic Communication Skills (running time: 22:51)

The content of this program will focus on interpersonal communication as a process of human expression and influence. Initially, focus will be placed upon basic communications concepts. Students will then examine therapeutic communication The content of this program will focus on interpersonal communication as a process of human expression and influence. Initially, focus will be placed upon basic communications concepts. Students will then examine therapeutic communication skills, core dimensions and strategic implementation of key therapeutic communication concepts.

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