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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Fire And Water

A recent few days ago over lunch with a friend, he mentioned the relationship between Fire and Water. This is what he said.

"Fire burns by Water,
Water moves by Fire."

To make it simple, he said, "Imagine Fire is a Man and Water is a Woman. Man will always be fed by the passion and love for a woman. What a man can do and achieve is a result of his woman playing a significant role in the relationship. A woman will be moved by a man. A woman role in the relationship is moved along by the man in her life. Fire and Water need to be constantly balanced so that both elements can be harmonized. When that happens the relationship is centered. When a man is not passionate of his woman, the relationship is heading towards disaster. Likewise, if the woman is not moved by the man, the relationship is bound for trouble."

He carried on to say, "Fire burns towards the sky. Water tends to spread to all nooks and corners. A man tends to be focused whereas a woman tends to have broader perspectives. In a relationship, when the man wanders off, his woman will need to tow the line and pull him back on track. When a woman stretches too far, her man can bring her a focused perspective."

This is an analogy of the interaction between a man and a woman. Very often, chaos and battles prevails as to which gender is mightier and greater. Why not view this in a different angle? Each can't do without the other. Why not work symbiotically together to exploits the strengths of each other and create peace, harmony, growth and well-being for both and others?

Simple said than done? However, worth working towards.

Below contains more information about water, fire and the other elements in Greek and Chinese philosophy.

Fire and water are just 2 out of 4 elements mentioned in the Greek philosophy. Earth and air are the other two.

Traditional Chinese philosophers mentioned 5 elements. Earth, Wood, Fire, Metal and Water.

In the Chinese philosophy, the doctrine of five phases describes two Cycles of Balance, a generating or creation(生, shēng) cycle and an overcoming or destruction (克, ) cycle of interactions between the phases.


  • Wood feeds Fire;
  • Fire creates Earth (ash);
  • Earth bears Metal;
  • Metal collects Water and
  • Water nourishes Wood.


  • wood parts earth;
  • earth absorbs water;
  • water quenches fire;
  • fire melts metal and
  • metal chops wood.

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