We are body, mind and spirit all wrapped up into one. Each of us borrow the package during our time on earth. How we pamper or abuse our body and mind leads to how we are spiritually and how balanced we are. While we are spending time here, we can choose to enjoy our moments, having a magic carpet ride everyday. Only when we are healthy and it is then that we can constantly energized our body, mind and spirit.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Process of a Miracle a 30 Day Experiment.

Mighty Morgan is such an inspiration. She overcame her addition and related a 30-day experiment of Miracle. Follow her 30-day experiment.

She is a true winner and champion. I'm sure nothing is impossible to her after that journey she went through.

"I lived in the cesspool of addiction for over 12 years of my life. For the past two years I have rebuilt and re-created every aspect of my life in order to never return to a life of active addiction. I'm pushing past any other limited beliefs I developed through the course of my life, to discover once and for all if anything truly is possible."

The Process of a Miracle a 30 Day Experiment.

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