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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Thank You!!

Saying "Thanks" has becomes so so common. There's a conscious process and an unconscious one. The conscious party is we know when we said it. The unconscious portion dealt with the appreciation and depth of how much we really meant it. It's just an automated response and just lip-service? Do we really meant what we said? Hmmmm....I want to hear from you about what you think.

I was reading a blog about "LIFE" and I came across this story. I really love to share it with you.

Two male kids were born in two adjoining houses, both become friends but when both were grew up they found their interest are just like the south and north pole, but it doesn’t affected their friendship. After the whole day of work both return to home and after a refreshing rest both came out of their respective houses and traveled the distance up to square from one way was going temple and another to night clubs, here both separate and again meet at same place in the late midnight. It becomes their daily routine both were used for going and coming back together.

One night it was raining heavily hence both become late in returning, the friend returning from temple was limping and found the friend fond of night clubs waiting with some thing glowing in the hands. For convince I am giving name Gopal to temple going and Rajesh to night club going friend.

Rajesh: What happen friend why you are so late and why you are limping?

Gopal: I you see it raining and lights are of , I stepped on big thrown, it was so painful that I have to sit there for about 20-30 minutes, but what is glowing in your hands?

Rajesh: Friend, rain has also forced me to slip down near the entrance of night club, when I was to got up cursing your God; I found this diamond laying there so I paid thanks. I think God is very intelligent he knows that I am in the need of money for my women friends so he gave me, but see you got the trouble for your continued thanks paying. I will suggest that it will be better for you to come with me and enjoy the life.

Gopal: We will go to my spiritual master in the morning and ask him the reason behind this.

Both went to there respective houses and after a sleep, went to Guruji, after hearing them Guruji asked can they recognize the place where they fell. Both replied in Yes. Guruji asked them to go and dig the place. Bring whatever they found under the earth both returned Gopal was with a piece of rope, while Rajesh was with a huge metallic pot filled with coal. Guruji said “See this is result of paying thanks”

“Rajesh’s actions of previous birth were to be awarded with this huge pot filled with diamond, but as it was only yesterday that he remembered God so he got just one diamond, where as previous actions of Gopal was to result in to hanging of his till death yesterday at that place, but as he was paying his thanks with true heart hence instead of hanging he got a thorn at that place”

Are we paying our thanks in its true sense? This is the question which every one has to ask oneself and reply it honestly.

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