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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Unify Unify Unify

I was going through an email my yoga master wrote. He shared many good things. On that day of the email dated January 4, 2005, this is one message that I thought is appropriate to deliver to those who might be interested. This what he wished to say and his email went this way -

Namaskar Dear Members, students and well wishers,

The new year does bring with it some good news too! New comprehensive yoga programme begins this Thurs - 6th. Jan 05 at Sadhana Yoga Centre Brickfields 7.30p.m. to 9.30p.m. Please do inform your friends who may be keen to embark on a long term comprehensive yoga programme.

The current crisis has opened a huge range of issues ranging from nothing less than God right down to greedy politicians. Well looking at the two ends of it - some say it is God punishing greedy politician and as usual the victims are not these politicians, its the unwary innocent general population.

The causes of this catastrophe are many but it is basically due to disturbances caused by imbalances to the delicate eco-system. The law of vibrations says that for every force there is an opposite and equal force that shoots back. Well look around the continuous pounding into earth by foundation laying processes in building skyscrapers, blasting nuclear bombs in the sea and deserts, clearing mangrove swamps and coral reefs - has had its impact in the natural rhythm of earth. I have my own theory that clearing the earth of too much vegetation also removes the natural albeit minute holding force of roots on the earth surface ( this includes pollution destroying sea vegetation growing at the bottom of the sea). It does point out to greedy multi nationals and nations which are corrupted to their cells ( well be careful, cancer thrives in this sort of environment). So is this what is called doing business at any cost?

In yogic philosophy, every life is respected and valued. The entire process of sadhana (yogic practice) is to upgrade, evolve existing life & paying reverence to the life we lead. The background philosophy being that personal choice and recognition of the creator is only known by human life, it is not known by lower and higher life forms since the particular mind complex known as ahamkara or individual ego is not in operation there. I have taken the liberty to divide the ahamkara into two category i. false ego - ego that comes through superiority complex based on over identification with factors like race, religion, education, caste, money, looks, etc ii. essential ego - ego that is necessary to function in life namely having a personality based on reasonableness. There is much more to this theory but for now this would suffice.
Just one example, a news report said three men of a particular race went around feeding some people in a village populated with people who were not in good terms with that particular race of these three men; where, just 1 day earlier (due to the man made division of race, religion) would have made these people throw any food given by these men based on questions of sanctity of the items given - again based on what?...based on the petty issue of race and religion. Of course we have to respect the belief system of everyone regarding these matters and I am sure almost everyone understands what is acceptable to someone of another belief; for instance who doesn't know that Hindus don't eat meat? Will someone be insensitive to feed them meat ( I mean beef, since we have compromised ) then? Animals instinctively moved away from the danger areas during tsunami, isn't it time we respect their lives rather than sticking our tongues out at them roasting in our plates?

Unity has to be sincerely approached, we cannot claim that we are working on it if we still work with suspicion and bring the entire spectrum of these differences right from obscure history right down to heresay. Sometimes it is just amazing how people identify themselves with super confidence when it comes to the false ego!

Does a tragedy need to happen to unify man? And funny episodes have been heard on the sidelines of how God acts as the Punisher. And how silly can this get? In one breath man says that God is all compassionate and before he could blow that same breath out he says that GOD punishes. He ( great man ) brings in his limited intellect, value system, prejudices, anger and resentment and paints it onto the Almighty. How sad that the downlines (followers) nod their heads and sing to this tune. Man made tragedy but as usual God is blamed.

The Kural ( an ancient tamil word ) says that the earth is like a mother, man bores into her, abuses hers, blasts her, strips her of her children ( trees , etc ) but she just bears it. But if you remove even the natural protection offered by disrupting the delicate eco-system, then what an mother earth do? She has provided adequately ....remember swamps, reefs, grip of the roots...

So I believe that yoga needs to be urgently taught to all segments throughout the world so that we can affect a drastic shift in the way man thinks and continues to abuse himself, nature and everyone around him. Its man not God who has to take responsibility for everything that happens, man has to own up, not only to his profits but also to his weaknesses and rectify them.

Where is God then? A question that has remained a mystery for thousands of years... and still is. A recent poll in Britain showed that almost half of the British population does not belief in the existence of God. My guess is it reflects yearning and frustration for an answer, deep inside man does want to believe in a superior force, yet increasingly becomes frustrated with more and more questions and no reasonable answers.

My personal assurance is that Sadhana helps answer the question to the above. Indian philosophy says yes, God does exist and prescribes way to experience the existence of the Universal Force. God, in the words of the seers and sages is one but can be known in many ways, if we claim God to be almighty, how can we limit that power, interpret it with our limited experience, intellect, words and create ways to show that we know anything about something that stays at the periphery of all our known faculties and tools.

Stay with your sadhana, no matter what mistakes we make, we can still rectify and move on ... most importantly is to be sincere to the path that we have taken and to work on unification of man...here you can experience the force of God..in man...unify, unify...this is our mantra...



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