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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Voluntary And Involuntary Consciousness In An Awakened State

Consider these 2 aspects. When we are in an awakened state, would you agreed that we will have 2 operating sub-states. The voluntary and the involuntary states.

Most of us know one and not the other. Most of us know of the voluntary consciousness and are unaware of the involuntary consciousness. When we were at birth, we dwelled in the involuntary state, and very shortly thereafter, the voluntary consciousness overpowered the former to such an extent, the involuntary consciousness can rapidly varnished from our Being. We become attached to the stories of our past and the hope of a future. We no longer become Being in Now.

The voluntary state mind is one when our mind can direct our actions. When we wish to do something, we will have our mind direct our to carry out that piece of action such as when we want to go into a state of mind of happiness. Our mind determines the form and outcome of an action.

An involuntary state of mind is when we become an observer of our state of mind. In other words, we become dissociated from events that are happening to us and the environment. We strive in the presence or NOW; just Being. We become positively centered and balanced irrespective of every negative emotions that surround us. When someone special passed on, we see the positivity of the event and not be attached to any negative emotion what might be happening around us. There may be pain, suffering, sadness correlated with the passing on. However, it we can remain in a involuntary state of mind, we are no longer afraid of death. With centerness and balance, we are able to handle tasks rationally and positively. We no longer allow our our state of mind to control our the outcome of our actions.

When pain occurs if we hurt ourselves, we are able to dissipate that pain and dissociate any hurt. With training, we can therefore, let our involuntary mind be in an operative choice. We shall not be at the EFFECT end of the equation...we will always strive at the CAUSE end of that equation. We will be inductive instead of deduction. We will look at the big picture instead of the little ones.

How can we train ourselves to rebuild our involuntary consciousness? One way is to perform something that we are very familiar with. Breathing!! Yes..breathing (Pranayama) is a process that each of use are very familiar with. With a set of breathing regiments and processes, we can train ourselves to achieve a state of dissociation and not to be attached or related to an action/happening going on around us. Breathing and followed by a state of meditation is really a gym for our mind to practise and journey to discover the involuntary state of consciousness. Have discovered it, there will be stillness; a Being of unattached centerness adn balance. A calmness. At the highest level of involuntary consciousness, there will no longer be either positive state or a negative one. One doesn't take sides; no doesn't participates; one doesn't engage; one doesn't influence.

No more boundaries.

Your perspective is welcome...

1 comment:

Cheats Planet said...

Wonderful post. I learned a lot about voluntary and involuntary state. Thanks