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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Awards From My Super Friends And I Have Got Lots Of Them; Super Friends, I Meant

I've been busy and was not posting any new entry for some few days. I told myself this morning that I must pause and do my blog. Unwind. Pattern interrupt. Yes...I'm doing exactly that and a calm cloak falls over me at this moment when I'm in thought of a few of my super friends who have over the past 6 weeks given me 4 special awards. These awards mean a whole lot to me as they were the least expected and from friends that I've developed the past several months. Friends whom I've yet not met and from far away land. Special special friends indeed.

I'll like to acknowledge their kindness and quiet encouragement when I most unexpectedly needed them. And most of all - for their precious friendship and support. I'm totally happy and satisfied. How much more do I need really?

Morgan - Strong and determined. I adore her as my "Baby Sister".

Corey - A sweet friend that I recently got to know and I'm certain I'll enjoy letting that friendship grow and nurture. Corey has requested me to acknowledge Edagowa to whom I must say "thank you". And also dropping by to visit me.

Floyd & Brian - Both of these friends that I hardly write at all and know they
intrigue me. They gave me something to think about, ponder about people. There are just so many good and peace loving individuals in this world. Who say they are dwindling in numbers?? I don't think so...

There are a few more friends that I'll like to mentioned here.

Kim - She's very a beautiful person. Nice and I'm fortunate to know her.

Jang Bok Jae - A special friend and a country man. He's ever so kind and helpful. Always full of encouragement and support.

Deborah - She's gentle and has always the kindest words for me.

To every one of them, I would like to award them this award below. "Thank You" for being my friends...reading and listening...for being there. Much love...


Kim said...

thank you so much Franco ...I am honoured to accept this award....and thank you fo your lovely comments...
have an enjoyable weekend.... :)

Mighty Morgan said...

Thank you Franco...I often think of you as my wise big brother from another mother... lol
Be well

Franco said...

Dear Kim and Morgan...both of you deserve the award. You both have great and fantastic blog. On top of that, the two of you are great individuals that I've grown to respect and love. Most importantly, you've being added to my list of my most precious friends.


Franco :-)