We are body, mind and spirit all wrapped up into one. Each of us borrow the package during our time on earth. How we pamper or abuse our body and mind leads to how we are spiritually and how balanced we are. While we are spending time here, we can choose to enjoy our moments, having a magic carpet ride everyday. Only when we are healthy and it is then that we can constantly energized our body, mind and spirit.

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Friday, October 19, 2007

Dreams Are Yours To Share: Live Your Dreams: The Gesture

It's is always always good to share. Sharing enriches lives. Indeed dreams are meant to be shared. Otherwise, dreams are absolutely meaningless. It'll be such tragedies to hold on to one's dreams and grasp them tight, never to let them go.

Sharing dreams make each of us and others we shared our dreams reach out for the Stars.

Read Dan's wonderful desire to share.

Dan Hanosh's Dreams Are Yours To Share: Live your Dreams: The Gesture


Anonymous said...

Have you heard Randy Pausch's last lecture? After reading your blog I figured it'd be right up your alley. I found the link at http://www.hazysmoke.blogspot.com

Franco Yong said...

Thanks Anonymous for sharing. I visited Randy Pausch's blog. Love what he has written. Great stuff. Appreciate you bring it to my attention.



lilifxt said...

hi it is always good to share everything which is good dreams are very nice sharing them i agree with you if we dont share it will be meaningless
thanks for that thought

Shinade said...

I too am a fan of Dhanosh. He writes the most incredibly beautiful things.

And, yes you too are so right about sharing. If we don't share then we can never truly make an impact, help others, and, yes, even help ourselves.

Wonderful post!!